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Welcome to Noelle Watson’s website.  We specialise in weight loss and fitness for the over 40s in North Wales. At last you have found us!

I have 3 questions for you…

  1. When did you last feel like you had The Wow Factor?
  2. When did you last wake up in the morning feeling really happy?
  3. When did you last feel self confident about your body shape?


Ladies, if these questions are making you uncomfortable then you are in exactly the right place. I am Noelle Watson, Director here at Noelle Watson Fitness. We are Personal Trainers who specialise in weight loss and fitness for women 40+. We help you to lose weight, tone up and feel fabulous without the Gym.  We offer Personal Training and Exercise Classes in North Wales, all perfect for Women.

We know sometimes life gets the better of us.
We know that people sometimes struggle to lose weight and keep it off.
We know it’s easy to lose track of things and forget where you are going.

We can help you to become strong, fit, healthy, happy and confident. Sure of where you are going and who you are.  We can give you your Sparkle back.

We offer 3 amazing Personal Training Packages to help you say HELLO  to a fabulous youthful body that you love and goodbye to all the problems you’ve had in the past.

Choose one of our 1-1 Packages and lose up to 3 Stone.  We come to your doorstep and get you started on a tailored Personal Training programme at your home. We make it fun too. .

Choose our Feeling Fabulous Club and lose up to 1 stone FAST. And get all the fun of a buzzing Keep Fit Class near Denbigh, with many of the benefits of a Personal Training Programme on top.

With the right exercise and mind-set, you can get back to looking and feeling your absolute best.

You can wear the clothes in your wardrobe again. And you can do it with no gym!

You will really Sparkle.

Our clients are so much more than just clients. You will feel like you are really part of something. When someone commits to us and asks for help, we move heaven and earth to get them to their Goals!  This is how we offer an Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee.    This really works, where slimming clubs, gym memberships and ordinary classes didn’t.

Read our Reviews.   We make people happy!

See What’s On with us.  Some of our workshops are FREE.

You may have doubts about this. You might feel you aren’t  up to it? Or it’s all too much effort?
Well, we are used to people saying those things!  We promise we will take care of you if you give us a try. We will make sure every exercise session is as much fun as possible.  You will do things you enjoy. Time will fly. You will look forward to your Personal Training sessions or your exercise classes, not dread them.

After 2 weeks you’ll realise you can do this. You’ll realise you can shed those unwanted pounds. You’ll have more energy. You will start to tone up beautifully.

We are female Trainers who know and understand weight loss and fitness for women over 40. We know what it’s like to be pulled in many directions, and to have to juggle life. We are all mums. We understand your concerns and we want to help.

Getting in touch is the first step to looking and feeling fabulous again. Lose the pounds you hate. Look and feel amazing everyday forever more!

That is what we promise you.

Getting started is as simple as putting your name and best email address in the box on the right and claiming your FREE “Get Your Sparkle Back book today.

This is the closest you will get to a Magic Wand. Be part of the Get Your Sparkle Back Revolution!

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